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Joe Weider Quote

Posted by: Michael

I use to own many copies of muscle and fitness magazine. As you can imagine there were many articles that had an impact on my life, being a fitness enthusiast. One bit of writing I'm looking to find, could always be found in the beginning of his magazines where they list all the credits. ie: publisher, etc. It was a quote from joe weider that displayed his lifes mantra. The first line included " honor thy mother and father " Can you help me, i'm looking to find the rest of his mantra. Could you please forward me that info....it was in every issue within the first few pages....many thanks in advance!!!!

Re: Joe Weider Quote

Posted by: Paul

Here is it:

"Strive for excellence, exceed yourself, love your friend, speak the truth, practice fidelity and honor your father and mother. These principle will help you to master yourself, make you strong, give you hope and put you on the path to greatness.

- Joe Weider, Trainer of Champions"



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