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Oat Milk Shake

Posted by: Simon

Protein shakes, what what is your preferred liquid to mix with them?

Water: no carbs nice & thin generally tastes like crap. I don't care how hardcore you are if your shake taste's like crap eventually you will stop having enough.

Milk: makes the shake taste better, can be too thick for some, full of nasty lactose.

Soy milk: Can make the shake taste better or worse depending, Expensive, generally too many high end carbs.

Recently I have been using "OAT MILK" yes this is not a type o I did say OAT MILK not goat milk. It is a little expensive but no more than soy, makes my shake taste a hell of a lot better than any other liquid, full of nutrition & complex carbs, low in suger, not too thick, also tastes good on cereal, no lactose, did I mention that it is extremly healthy, low in fat. Good for the heart.


Give Oat Milk a try it rules.

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