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Bodybuilding For Skinny Guys

Posted by: Zak

my name is Zak and i am 17 years old. I have been working out for about 6 months now and have really been finding it hard to get some serious results. I am very dedicated and out of the 6months have only missed out on 1 week of training due to a holiday. I count my calories and eat 6 meals a day. I am always seeking more advice on training routines and diets. i have gained about 12kg from when I started and had a very skinny frame. I still feel that I am quiet skinny though as my upper body is still quiet small. I weigh 80kg and Iím 6ft. I am wondering if you had any advice on how to increase my upper body as I have naturally big and strong quads. Also I didnít really like your intro to your article where you said that the difference between the big and the people staying the same is dedication. Iíd have to say I am extremely dedicated and put my training and diet before anything, seeing people with good genetics such as one of my friends grow so much faster without even putting on any excess weight is very frustrating.

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