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Will Smith Muscles

Posted by: Robert

I am a 41 year old man whoís trying to get in shape. Iím not what most would consider greatly over weight but I donít consider myself skinny. Iím about 6í00, guessing at my weight I would say Iím currently at about 180. I have never really done a lot of weight lifting in my life so Iíve never had any decent muscle tone to be honest. My arms are skinny my thighs are flabby. Iím not aiming for a bodybuilder type look but more along the lines of the way Wil Smith looked in the movie I am Legend. I just want a lean muscular look. I do have high blood pressure and do take medication on and off for. Any suggestions you can give me as far as types of workout, any protein or supplements I should take to help me reach my goal would be appreciate. I am interested in quick results if possible. Iím in the middle of a divorce that I donít want and my self esteem has been pretty low. I think if I can feel better about the way I look and feel it would be great for me. Thanks for your help.

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