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Endomorph Mesomorph

Posted by: Ana

I'm a regular visitor of this website and came across your page What is your body type? I filled in the questions and came out 1.58 Endomoprh and Mesomorph. I am strong, I can lift heavy weights, but my endurance level is weak. I can only run fast pace for one minute. I have skinny legs and arms, but fat thighs and upper arms. Also a HUGE amount of fat on my stomach.

I find it very difficult to lose weight. Cardio doesn't work for me and weights make me bulky and large. I have small weights and large weights and over the past year have used both. I only noticed a change when I started using 5kg dumbbells. My biceps got bigger and ugly. For the past 3 months, Ive been eating healthy, no over eating, no eating junk, make my own food for work. I've done some research on the types of food I should be eating. I'm too tired to do exercise now, have no energy and exercise makes me sleepy and dont like to sleep until its late.

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