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Gap Between Pecs

Posted by: max(tujplaya@yahoo.com)

hey im 16 and starting to lift for real in the last couple months. i like the way im filling out but i cant put on any muscle in between my pecs, theres like a half inch gap. the more i work em the more they grow out, but not in toward each other. i was wonderin if any1 had any suggestions as to how i could work that muscle right over my sternum, thanks

Re: Gap Between Pecs

Posted by: Anthony Chiocchi(Darknessatday1@aol.com)

Hey man, the gap betwixt your pectorals is just bone, there is no muscle mass over that part of your body becuase your pectorals are connected to your arms and then connected in the middle of your chest, thats why after an intense lift you reech back and feel a streach from the center of your chest to your shoulder, im also 16 i have ben lifting for 2 years.

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