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Full Body Dumbell Workout

Posted by: luke (aesthetic_powerhorse@hotmail.com)

i would really like some help with getting big i weight 65kg im 15. all i have to exercise is a set of dumbells with 20kg wieght set and a bench to do it on. i dont really have enough money to buy more equipment but in saving for a barbell set with a 50kg wieght set what can i do to get big pecs, washboard abs, big biceps and good legs

Re: Full Body Dumbell Workout

Posted by: Isaac (isaac_au@internode.on.net)

I am 16 weight 80 kgs & have been doing bodybuilding for almost a year. I work out 5 days a week doing excersises for biceps, triceps shoulders etc 2-3 times a week. I do work on the hamstrings, quads etc 1-2 a week (other than 1-2 week cardio) & it is working. I would suggest sticking to what you have before advancing into heavy equipment!

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