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How To Get Bigger Pecks

Posted by: Logan xianlogan@hotmail.com)

I don't know if pecks is the right word, but i am talkin about my chest. I am 16, 6'1, and 153 lbs. I do a huge amount of running and ab/leg work outs. A friend of mine that is a girl made fun of me for having no chest muscles. I am not looking for a shortcut but i was wondering if i could get some good routines that increase chest muscle size.

Re: How To Get Bigger Pecks

Posted by: Brian bguy71@yahoo.com)

First of all, you're only 16. Second of all, you're tall, so you are long muscled, and that's hard to change until you are finished growing. It's not impossible, just hard! I'm 6' 3" +, and my son is 6'1", 160, so I know from experience! You need to eat, and eat plenty, which is something teenage boys struggle with at times. However, without enough calories from good sources, you're going to lose the battle. Chest workouts consisting of bench press (both dumbbell and barbells), incline and decline presses, dips, flyes, all are great for chest development. Like I said though, you can shred your chest in the gym, but without the fuel, it's not going to show much growth. 1) Eat right and eat plenty, 2) Lift heavy weights and 3) Grow! Hope this helps!

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