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Working Out at Home vs. Gym

Posted by: mohammad abdulsater moey_no1@hotmail.com)

Hi my name is mohmmad abdulsater i have rescently been working out alot with barbells and other equipment but i am thinking about going to a gym but dont know if its a good idea anyone with sugestion plz?!

Re: Working Out at Home vs. Gym

Posted by: Josh josh35q@operamail.com)

I have worked out at home and have worked out at a gym. here are the 3 advantages I see to a gym: first there should be more equipment to use and therefore more exercise to work a variety of muscles. Second, paying the gym membership hopefully will be motivation to get to the gym on a regular basis. I personally hate to waste money so when I pay for a membership, I go! Finally, you can meet people there with similar goals and help you get into a routine of fitness. I am actually kind of a shy person but have settle met a few guys who I talk to, share tips, and spot for one another when needed.

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