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I Want A Six Pac

Posted by: Tom sexysyko@hotmail.com)

Could someone help me and tell me what to do to get a six pac and what foods to eat thank alot

Re: I Want A Six Pac

Posted by: Adam Hussain bad_gangsta_adam@hotmail.com)

My friend to get a 6 pac, you need to do a lot of running firstly, or any aerobic exercise for this matter. This will get rid of the fat layer, which is closest to your skin. The laayer of muscle we see in a 6pac is directly below this, so if you build this while still having a thick fat layer, you just look fatter. First, burn your fat layer, then once this has disappeared start the stomach exercises. These exercises aren't necessary for a 6pack, but if you do them, it will be all the more impressive. Your diet must become a lot healthier. You need to eat the fruit and vegetables, high protein and carbohydrates, but avoid high fat foods. Also, try to avoid too much dairy products. You must also try and eat around 5 meals a day as every time you eat, you increae your metabolic rate. Eating can increase your metabolic rate by 25%, and not eating for long periods can make it drop similarly. Your metabolic rate, is the rate at which you burn fat. If you do these simple things, you should achieve your 6 pac in about 2 or 3 months.

Re: I Want A Six Pac

Posted by: marcus mlegir@yahoo.com)

You should try resistance training. such as using a dumbell to do crunches with. do five sets of 10 reps, with a dumbell on your chest, on a crunch or sit up bench that is declined. also do cardio in the morning, and drink lots of water.

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