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Am I Working Out Too Much

Posted by: Chris(flipyawig@yahoo.com)

im wondering if im working out to much?this is my daily rountine i go to the gym and work my whole body mon-friday for about 3 hours and then i go home and do at least 200pushups,200crunches,150legraises,hit the bag around a little, and sometimes even more like 500 pushups,500crunches,etc.I will do like 50pushups then take a break and do 50more.Thats pretty much how I do it.Im not having any problems doing this and im getting strong fast.And then on the weekends I usually take a break.Im also taking the nitric oxide pills and amino acid shakes.I also drink a couple enery drinks everyday.If im not having any problems and I feel great after is this alright to do or am I still working out too much????

Re: Am I Working Out Too Much

Posted by: Andy (heteroranger@yahoo.com)

It sounds like you're on the path to overtraining. Your body may be able to handle the workload for the moment but soon you won't be able to repair your muscle tissue as fast as you're breaking it down. Cut down to training each body part twice per week max. You should see the same results and lower your chances of overtraining.

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