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How To Strengthen Wrists And Forearms

Posted by: talha ahmed (talha_mufti@hotmail.com)

im 18 year old & my forearms r quite thin and weak how do i make them stronger and increase their mass?

Re: How To Strengthen Wrists And Forearms

Posted by: Vic (Potoczak0342@netzero.net)

Take the bench press bar, sitting on the bench hold your hand over the end just about the middle of your forearm and let the bar roll into your fingers and then pull it back up with your wrists. If its to much weight try a cambered bar or another lighter bar.

Re: How To Strengthen Wrists And Forearms

Posted by: Brian (nowandahead@hotmail.com)

The best exercise i have found for wrists ( and really time efficient ) Is the wrist roller. Just buy a peice of (plastic or metal) pipe 1 inch thick and about as long as your shoulder width. Drill a hole through the midle and tie on a peice of 4 mm cord (1-2 metre's long) then find a carabiner small enough to fit through the hole in the weight plates you will be using, tie this to the end of the cord. I stand on 2 chairs for extra height and go as heavy as you can for 1 set of 3 reps(3 up 3 down) I do these at the end of a workout twice a week. And they have given the best shape and size to my forearms, veins bursting out everywhere.

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