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Getting Started Lifting Weights

Posted by: Wade Harman (wade_harman@yahoo.com)

Hi, I have just turned 30 and have never dieted or lifted weights in my life. I guess my metabolism has slowed down, and I have went from the regular weight of 185 to my current weight of around 205 in the past three years. I would like to start doing cardio and working out (not to gain a lot of muscle, just see if I can get cut). I see a lot of different suggestions on how to lose the weight and get cut, I know that running is a good thing, but what about eating? Is six small meals the way to go? I think I can figure everything out as far as the cardio and the lifting, but what to eat and when to eat it confuses me....?

Re: Getting Started Lifting Weights

Posted by: Will coffin (wjcoffin@hotmail.com)

saw your post about building muscle im 16 ill be 17 in one month im 6 foot 5 and i weigh 190 im trying to be in mma and what i do for over all strength is bench,squats and abs those are main muscles that will help your overall strength and get good cardio so your muscles will last longer.

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