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Weight Lifting To Gain Weight

Posted by: shah shaidris@yahoo.co.uk)

I'm 23 years old but i look like a 15 year old boy i m doing my masters degree please suggest me something to increase my wieght any diet or whatever just guide me to increase my wieght. hope u will understand my problem. thanx

Re: Weight Lifting To Gain Weight

Posted by: jordan jmkwnox@msn.com)

I am 17 years ald and i play football. I lift in the off season and I found that if you stick to a consistant workout for a long period of time you can gain about 5-10 lbs in a lift every 1 to 2 weeks. I started lifting seriously when i was a freshman. I maxed out at 185 bench 300 squat and 150 power clean. I am now a junior and max out at 350 bench 530 squat and 300 power clean. Also intake a good amount of protien every day. It worked for me and i sould work for you. Hope this helps.

Re: Weight Lifting To Gain Weight

Posted by: Zoltán(abdulwaahid@hotmail.co.uk)

SQUAT SQUAT and SQUAT some more. May sound nuts but because the squat uses so many muscles, and large ones at that, huge amounts of growth hormone are released. If you are not putting a lot of energy into it already- do so, and watch your pecs grow as well, infact watch everthing grow! It is the cornerstone of any routine for this reason. It hurts and tires you out but you will learn to love it for what it does for you. Happy lifting!

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