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X Size Review

Posted by: Gary

I have recently come across the program x-size online i was wondering if anyone has tried it, knows about, or has opinions on it thanks.

X-Size Workout Software

Re: X Size Review

Posted by: Joey

I have been on it for about 3 weeks. My legs are making good gains and I now see regular strength gains. Its working for me so I'll stick with it a little bit.

Re: X Size Review

Posted by: james j. littles

X-size, this is the best work out for gaining MASS I used it twice in the last five moths and I went from 153 to 179 lbs. I mean soild muscle mass by using 200 grams of cheap protein plus healthy eating, guys in the gym started asking me what was I taking to get so big so quick. I tried a lot in the last ten years but X-SIZE is the best for muscle MASS AND THE ONLY ONE THAT WORKED QUICKLY.

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