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Gaining Size And Muscle

Posted by: mark (gittinsmark@fsmail.net)

im 17 around 10st and jst under 6ft, im q skinny i have just joined a gym and am aiming to increase my body mass and muscle size. i have been learning abot creatine and protein shakes, has ne 1 got ne good advice on ways to increase my size? thanks

Re: Gaining Size And Muscle

Posted by: kristoph (kristoph46@sbcglobal.nett)

Lift heavy with fewer reps, eat good food lots of protien throughout the day. You shouldn't be lifting more than 4-5hrs a week but that should be heavy serious lifting. the two best lifts for size are squats and dead lifts. If you really give it your all two times a week on those will help lots but make sure you do your entire body have a routine. Most gyms have something they can give you. Don't worry about those crazy advanced programs. They won't speed things along and only confuse you and make you waste time on stuff that isn't important for a beginner. I will just name a few of the things you should be doing. leg curls and extensions, pull downs, military press, squats, dead lift, bench press both flat and positive incline, flys, tricep extensions, curls, bend over rowing, crunshes. Do each of them three times a week, with weight and working hard, three sets each. After about 2 months of listening and learning you just naturally start finding your own routine and changing things around a bit. Good luck!

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