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Liquid Creatine vs Powder

Posted by: Tim (T DOGG1998@aol.com)

Recently, I purchased some liquid creatine. Since the powder creatine wasn't working for me at all, I decided to try the liquid stuff. Now I have read that liquid creatine is bogus because creatine is not stable in liquid form and the ''pump'' that I feel from it is the dextrose that is in it. Well, after the very first week on the stuff, I felt my strength increase dramatically unlike when i used powder creatine. In 2 weeks I gained 5 lbs and that is alot for me, because I am a hard gainer. Has anyone else experienced the same results? Is this stuff legit? Well, if I keep experiencing weight gain and my muscular strength increasing,I guess I'll stick with the stuff from now on. Tell me with your results from using this stuff and tell me your opinions about liquid creatine.

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