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Cycling Bodybuilding Supplements

Posted by: Michael

The flood of new supplements keeps pouring in year after year. But there are some good ones that you might should keep in your arsonal. Creatine, no2, edcysterone, anti-estrogens, ECA, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, whey protein, and glutamine are among the best legal supplements. But don't waste your money taking them all at the same time. If you are new at all of this, maybe this short article can save you some money and prevent health issues later down the line.

Just as it is good to rotate exercises after awhile; it is good to cycle bodybuilding supplements. For example, you do creatine for awhile then no2 or do edcysterone and later switch off to a good anti-estrogen supplement that may boost natural testosterone (under 30 y/o should stay away from testosterone boosting supplements). I find that after about 3 weeks the best effects from the supplements I'm taking are starting to lose their effects. This is not true for whey protein, vitamins, dietary fats, etc., these are mainstays of the diet. I'm talking about supplements that are supposed to increase the pump or alter hormone levels. By switching off, you give your body a rest from the other supplements it has become accustomed to and gives it something fresh to "adjust to." After time, your body will adapt to whatever you put in it that alters hormones, pump, etc., and there are some supplements that you wouldn't want to keep on taking even if your body responded forever, i.e., hormone altering supplements. These supplements can upset your body's natural hormone balance and cause emotional and physical issues if not cycled. This is likely the reason you heard so many negative things about the prohormones that are now mostly illegal. People weren't educated on how much to use and when to cycle off. You can't take stuff like this indefinately without encountering serious issues like your testicles slowing down production, temper rages, acne, and perhaps even your hair falling out! Sometimes cycling supplements is not only about continuing to make gains in muscle, it's about keeping your health. In fairness to hormone altering supplements, all chemicals can cause negative effects if they are abused. I think people over a certain age should have the right use whatever they want to help build their body's so long as they do it safely. This is America--right?

Further, use cutting supplements such as ECA, effedrine, caffiene and aspirin, alone after a mass gaining phase. I certainly wouldn't stay on this more than 3 weeks without a break. ECA is a powerful combination that works to promote energy and fat loss, but, if used in an irresponsible manner, it can be dangerous to you physically and emotionally. If you have a diagnosed mental condition, stay away from it. If you have high blood pressure or heart issues--beware. Everyone should start with low doses. Don't overdo ECA and be careful what you take with it, e.g, other products containing large amounts of caffiene like most No2 powders. That's why it best by itself. Also, you use this to lose fat and cut; so, the mass building supplements should be saved for a mass building cycle. These are my suggestions after 12 years of training and spending $1000's on supplements. I've made some great gains but made some terrible mistakes as well.

Cycling supplements can keep you making gains or losing fat or keep that good pump in the gym. Cycling supplements is just another part of the "chess game" we call bodybuilding or physique training. It's you trying to get your body to do something it would not do on it's own--gain muscle and lose fat, look healthier, stronger and more physically attractive than the average human. Every time you go into the gym, eat a meal, or take a bodybuilding supplement, you are making your move. Can you outsmart your body? Sometimes, and tips along the line of the ones above can certainly help keep you ahead of the game. Have fun and be safe.

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