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Creatine and Working Out

Posted by: NickYoung (Stonerboy17@yahoo.com)

I have been on creatine for the past week and I think that it is great.. so far, I am 16, 5"7, I wiegh about 165 and I can only put up about 140 but I can feel the effect of creatine when i am lifting... but i was just wondering if I should lift everyday because creatine makes me so pumped and i dont get sore even how much i do lift, is it healthy to lift everyday? I wonder if when i sleep will fully recover my muscles??? if anyone has answers to my questions please email me thanx... soon youll see pics of my on sites like this ha ha

Re: Creatine and Working Out

Posted by: Jesse Tillotson (jst1@keene.edu)

Although Bulgarian power-lifters have had good results with everyday workouts, there is a considerable wean-in period and I would almost be certain that at some point in the future, you aren't going to have the time to work out everyday (much like when you get to college or get a full time job) and then you might encounter more problems... A day off or two day off per muscle group is a tried an true method... However, to satisfy your urges, how about doing a harder work-out on different muscle groups on different days, much like le' pros do :-) like Chest/Back/Rotator Cuffs one day, bicep/tricep/shoulder the next, forearms and legs the third, and back to the beginning of the cycle after that. I would also suggest interspersing a really demanding abdominal muscle work out in there, as the values of a good 8 pack can't be denied, and the abdominal muscles are one of the most resilient groups on the body :-) Jesse Tillotson BTW- Get a second opinion, I'm NOT a professional trainer or a doctor.

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