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Rheo Blair Method

Posted by: (lifepowerbooks.com)

Rheo H Blair has been the only true genius in the history of bodybuilding nutrition. He invented protein powder and his nutritional program is the stuff of legends. Some of the greatest bodybuilders of the 1950s, 60s and 70s used his protein supplement and followed his program to achieve the best shape of their lives. Among his success stories are the legendary Larry Scott, Dave Draper, Gable Paul Boudreaux, Steve Davis, Stan Brice, Frank Zane, Don Howorth and many others. Most of his secrets were lost after his death - until now. Check out this great website telling how you can get a Rheo Blair secrets e-book Free.

RHEO H BLAIR And The Secrets Of Bodybuilding Nutrition

Re: Rheo Blair Method

Posted by: david hawk

but did you know????????? rheo h blair supposedly....................and this was a very big deal in pro bodybuilding for a long time, like the search for the holy grail...............did something or other to a kid, about 15 or 16 years of age, NUTRITIONALLY, that caused the guy to gain 16 pounds of muscle OVERNIGHT................of course part of this had to be rehydration of muscle tissue, but I once contacted Rheo's widow and she had heard the story over the years, and she remembered the young man, he had stayed at their house for a few weeks, and she said he actually did gain the muscle in question..............although she had no idea what Rheo did to promote that type of gain, and she told me such gains were commonplace................and this was in a period of time that steroids DID NOT EXIST.................in fact the first food supplement I ever heard of anyone using was Steve Reeves eating unflavored geletin.................no kidding.

RHEO H BLAIR And The Secrets Of Bodybuilding Nutrition

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