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Weight Training for Overweight People

Posted by: sami(sd_samicool@yahoo.com)

I initially Wanna thank ya that u have given this facility to share advice from ur hectic schedule.some of my questions are.. 1: I did not do weight training in my life I am now trying to start weight trainin, but the problem with me is that Iam over weight,my body is chubby chubby and am shapeless,since 2 months am going for swimming. 2:some says if u go gym and if u quit weight training u again gain back fat,some says u should use heavy weights with less repititions some says u should use light weights to burn fat with max repitions and less sets, so plzzzzz do me favour an u get me rid of this confusion. 3:If I have to start weight training what kind of exercises should I do and with how many repitions and sets ... plzz answer to my questions I'll be very thankfull to ya.............??????????

Re: Weight Training for Overweight People

Posted by: Anesh (ap18patel@yahoo.co.uk)

Ok mate it depends what look ur after. If u wanna look like very tone running athelte then doe light wieghts more reps. but if u wanna look like a stud when chicks check u out on the beach then doe heavy weights. If ur just gettin started, i would recommend that u hire a personal trainer for a session and workout ur goals, they will help u decided what weights u should start with cos u dont start too heavy with the weights or u will injury urself. train 3 times a week monday, wednesday, friday, weighttraining and on tuesday and thursday doe cardio. before and after training i suggest u doe some light boxing or skipping, great for the heart rate up. keep up ur swimming cos u workout ur muscle that u wouldn't in the gym

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