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How Much Weight Can I Lift?

Posted by: rumbaone (cflau@svipa.com)

I am a 49 year old woman, about 5'10" just over 150 pounds--who works out regularly---how can I predict what are the highest weights I can expect to lift in the bench press or squat and what is the best way for me to increase my strength in these two in the shortest time? Right now I can bench 2 sets --up to 8 reps at 65 pounds and press 8 reps with individual 30 pounds dumbells. I can deadlift/squat 10 reps at about 135 pounds, and shrug with 100 pounds. Is there a general guide for women that can use to relate my height or weight to the percentage/amount I can lift?

Re: How Much Weight Can I Lift?

Posted by: Adam (patsline74@yahoo.com)

I dont know about the squat, I dont think there is a way to predict that, but as far as bench there is a simple formula thats usually fairly accurate. If you can do 8 reps at 65 then the formula says you can do 6 reps at 85, 4 reps at 105, 2 reps at 125, and max at 145. As far as getting stronger, I really like sleds to get stronger legs. I have gone up 85 pounds in my squat since I started using them in early summer. And bench, incorporate dumbbells into your workout. On chest day, do 4x5 of bench, 3x8 of dumbbell bench, flies and tricep extensions, all with dumbbells. This workout made my bench max go up 40 pounds in a few months.

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