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Bench Press Supplements

Posted by: todd frost (tfrosty@optonline.net)

I am 15 years old and 136 lbs, and I have been lifting for 1 year. I started taking Muscle Milk about 3 months ago. Even though it worked wonders it did make me gain a few pounds, but I was able to deal with it. My new stack for the lasts few weeks is one scoop of naNO Vapor, and a scoop of six start Creatine fuel. I have dropped to 155lbs from 185lbs in bench pressing after tacking them. I went from 80lbs to 130lbs naturally, and continued from 130lbs to 185lbs with muscle milk. I don t understand why I went down so much from tacking naNO Vapor and Creatine? But with every other muscle group, for example my arms, when I curl I went up about 10lbs to 95lbs in a week. Why did my new stack of supplements making me decrees in bench press but nothing else?

Re: Bench Press Supplements

Posted by: Ron Green (twotigersfitness@cox.net)

Supplements will not have an effect on specific lifts. The body does not work like that. It is your training. The body allocates nutrition as a responsive need that is initially started by an action. Remember that when it comes to making progress in exercise performance, a person must evaluate several things: sufficient rest and stimulus on muscle groups and the body as a whole.

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