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Lower Abs Info

Posted by: TUNC (tunc@yahoo.com)

im 16 years old and i consider my self to be in good shape.im only about 5"0 ft tall.i bench 135 6 times and everything else is fine.my question is i wanna get the last 2 lower abs i got a 4 pack and my lower ones are taking a long time to get i see them but not as much as my upper abs wat could i do?

Re: Lower Abs Info

Posted by: Nayan Patel (ponchilal@yahoo.co.uk)

Hi, well starting off that your 16 and are already craeting a demanding physique is great, an its godd that many youngesters are keeping fit these days instead of laying about the home in front off the t.v. Anyway back to the qustion in hand to get the part of the lower abdominals, you have to do the following exercise.

"THE CUSHION SQUEEZE" Lying on your back, bring both feet off the floor so your soles point to the ceiling, and squeeze a small cushion between your knees. Rest your head on the floor all the time. Now lift your buttocks off the floor, still squeezing the cushion, and push your feet towards the ceiling, hold for a second then slowly return to the starting position.

I recommend doing (3-4) sets of (8-12) reps to achieve maximum results. Also please take into account that as all muscle groups your abdominals need rest as well as your other body parts, so train your abs no more than 2-3 times a week.

Re: Lower Abs Info

Posted by: Den(yug2006@mail.ru)

You should try resistance training. such as using a dumbell to do crunches with. do five sets of 10 reps, with a dumbell on your chest, on a crunch or sit up bench that is declined. also do cardio in the morning, and drink lots of water.

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