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Bodybuilding How Long To See Results

Posted by: Jake(bronco163@aol.com)

Hey, im 17, about 5'10" and around 150 pounds. I've been weightlifting regularly for about a year and a half. Im pretty strong for my weight, but i can't ever seem to look bigger. What should I do to start looking and getting bigger?

Re: Bodybuilding How Long To See Results

Posted by: Samo (heroicxenophobic@yahoo.co.uk)

i suggest that you up the intensity of you workouts eg. less rest between sets, and lift more weights but use less reps, or maybe superset a few exercises, or you might need to mix your routine up a bit and shock your muscles into growing. It is very un-natural for your body to put on muscle it doesn't need so you need to keep yor muscles guessing every four weeks or so. I do all of these and I make quality gains every month.

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