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Good Protein Shake Ideas

Posted by: Maphew (maphew@bmts.com)

Can anyone give me a good reciepe for shake mixing becasue man they taste awefull!!!! I currently use Pro-Lab Whey.

Re: Good Protein Shake Ideas

Posted by: Ben Bowen (bozothedeathmachine@yahoo.com)

I mix powdered protien in with smoothies. Most supermarkets sell frozen berrys. I use a mix of strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, and bluberries. Then I add a couple slizes of peach and pineapple and some shredded coconut. THen add a little milk and some of the V-8 splash stuff. Throw in a few ice cubes and blend. It takes a little chalky at first, but now I can imagine a smoothy without that tast. Hope that helps.

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