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Original Hot Stuff Supplement Review

Posted by: Chet

Several years ago when I was a novice weightrainer I tried a supplement called "Hot Stuff." At the time I was stuck in my bench press at around 205 and could not hit that magic 2-plate 225. Within a couple of weeks of starting HotStuff I was benching 225. However, I had some pretty significant side effects from the stuff, including decreased appetite, insomnia, irritablity, and loss of concentration. On my doctor's advice I quit taking it. But my bench remained above 225. So, did I reach 225 on the bench because I was taking HotStuff? Or did I reach 225 on the bench because I BELIEVED HotStuff would work? I know that I worked harder in the gym because I had to make the supplement "worth it." And if the supplement truly made me stronger wouldn't my bench have dropped when I stopped it? I think I might have acheived the same results and saved myself a trip to the doctor's office if I had just had a training partner to help push me further.

Re: Original Hot Stuff Supplement Review

Posted by: Duke

NO. The original HOT STUFF formula did work well I know! I had a great training partner but I went from 225 to 265 in 3 months after using it. The ingredients did stimulate testosterone and power. High-T can make a man aggressive,irritable and cause insomnia. You trade lean muscle strength potential for a more passive lower testosterone emotional state. Remember the more hairy muscular guys in high school who would always be irritable? Sometimes high-T will convert to estrogen and cause man boobs. So High-T is tricky as you get older!

Re: Original Hot Stuff Supplement Review

Posted by: Joe

There was nothing in Hot Stuff that boosted testosterone; the supplement had only trace amounts of the popular supplements of the time such as boron, smilax and other worthless crap. I tried about 3 bottles of it back then and decided it really didn't work.

Re: Original Hot Stuff Supplement Review

Posted by: Ronald

The old formula worked i was skinny and got muscular the new formula gives energy strangth and 80 g protien but nothing like old they want u to take other supplements with it need protien then its worth it but nothing like old formula.

Re: Original Hot Stuff Supplement Review

Posted by: Dsmooth

When you guys say back then do u mean back in 91-92, that's when I took it and it broke my face out, made me strong af and had me beasting on the basketball courts of philly. Was definitely spiked with something.

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