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Rob Faigin Diet

Posted by: calvin

hi i have some questions about Rob Faigin diet:

1)do you have to count protein,fats,calories?and if so how much of all three do i need?

2)i know there is 2 carb-up meals per week,but when are they?

3)if i take creatine with my high carb meal twice per week can i take alot(20g)?

4)what is the best training program to do on this diet?

sorry for so many questions.

Re: Rob Faigin Diet

Posted by: Nosant

Body weight X 11 =BMR.. base metobolic rate.. if you want to gain eat 1000 cals above from that in protien and fats..if you want to lose up your cardio and eat 500 cals below that mark... strive for AT LEAST 1 gram of protien per pound of body weight...AT LEAST!... cut your carbs.. mainly simply sugars...If you need to start than start...this aint brain surgery... as for lifting go HEAVY.. reps dont build muscle... do you know any big guys lifting 30 pounds for 100 reps?...NO... they do 320 for 4-6 reps!

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