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What Bodybuilding Supplements Work

Posted by: Jeff

With the growth of fancy supplements that are supposed to work like steroids, I was wondering if anyone has tried them, and if so, what kind of results you got? I'd like to know before I spend my $, thanks

Re: What Bodybuilding Supplements Work

Posted by: VDC

The short answer is Myoplex, Andro, and Creatine. But they really only work once your diet and training strategy and correct for your goals.

Re: What Bodybuilding Supplements Work

Posted by: Chris

Whatz up fellow bodybuilders. So your wondering about supplements. Ok heres the deal . I have tried Pumped Extreme Creatine and got great results . So go for either powedered creatine whichs requires a loading phases or creatine extreme 4 times more powerful and doesn't even need loading. Let me know if you have any more questions about that kind of stuff. good luck

Re: What Bodybuilding Supplements Work

Posted by: James

The best value for money are definitly the meal replacement powders, eg ProMR, myoplex,etc

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