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Nautilus Equipment Workout

Posted by: Jon

Recently I ran across the Nautilus book from 1984 with a complete break down of the effectiveness of using Nautilus equipment properly. I must say that the information provided in the book by Ellington Darden was quite impressive. But the info was a bit confusing in comparison to the info that is in the current bodybuilding magazines. I always thought the most effective gains in size were with a combination of training, nutrition, and supplementation.I also thought that to make the best progress I needed to work out at least 5-6 days per week. The book said that 3 days of intense training was enough and did not stress supplementation that well. It elaborated on following the Nautilus program to a T to get the best gains in the shortest time. Is this true?

Re: Nautilus Equipment Workout

Posted by: JR

I think I've read that book.Well written and informative(Darden's a smart man),but like every book it has an angle.Now I'm not saying they lied,just layed-out a case for nautilus equiptment.This is probably why sup's were not covered in depth. Three days a week sounds about right, or two if your body needs more time to recover.But to say nautilus provides the best results is debatable. Free weights still have there advantages.

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