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Protein Drink On Training Days Only?

Posted by: OM

I take my protein drink immediately after training (mornings) and again some 3 hour later on the same day. But the stuff is expensive, so I am not taking it on non-training days. Is there a significant difference in the contribution that (say) one specific glass of shake will potentially make (to muscle building) whether one takes it immediately after training or on an off day, even 3 days after the last training session. It just feels such a waste to me to drink my prescious shakes on a day when I have not trained.

Re: Protein Drink On Training Days Only?

Posted by: K

I would suggest keeping the protein in there whether you have trained or not. Think about this...you have you "off" day from training, you body is trying to HEAL your muscles. They are going to need good quality protein to do that, right?

The only point in using the protein shakes is to supplement your diet. You need to hit your "target" protein intake whether you are training or not. It doesn't do you a lot of good to have say 3 days of protein at 200grams and then 1 day at 300grams.

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