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Top Five Bodybuilding Supplements

Posted by: David

This is my top five bodybuilding supplements (starting with the most important), whats yours? 1. Protein - preferably a blend (like Pro Peptide) or High quality whey protein (like Vyomax), both of which have added pro-biotic or pre-biotic fibre and bonded Glutamine. Failing that a CFM isolate (e.g. Peak Body isolate)or a decent quality Ion exchange. For convience I like Peak Body Shake 'n take whey protein.

2. Creatine, great for size and strength and not expensive.

3. Maltodetrin, quality carbohyrate for energy and growth.

4. Glutamine, for strength, growth and anti-catabolism.

5. Meal Replacement Protein (MRP's) (e.g. Pro MR. Peak Body Complete; available in both sachets and convient take anywhere Take 'n Shake versions)

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