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Gym or Home

Posted by: Scott

Quick query? - Are there any advantages to getting your own weights & gym equipment in the house - we have a few "posh" gyms/or health clubs in Cambridge - do you think it is better value to join one of these - bearing in mind - they cost an absolute fortune to join!

Re: Gym or Home

Posted by: David

Going to a gym hopefully will give you better motivation than training at home, however most posh gyms/ Health Clubs are poor value for money charging $300+ for yearly memberships and often a joining fee as well.

So the alternatives are to find someone to train with at your "home gym" (a colleague from work perhaps?)and set given times and days for this or find a local sports centre or less lavish gym which has reasonable facilities and is cheaper than the posher gyms. Remember as a point of safety its better to train with someone.

Just setting up a gym at home and training at home alone doesn't work for most people as there are too many distractions.

Finally if you do set up a home gym look through local paper classified for equipment as their are usually people selling off weights and equipment which are gathering dust in lofts and garages after their failed attempts at training at home.

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