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Cheap Protein Sources

Posted by: Romeo

I am looking for a cheap protein source. I am going to consume 150 gms of protein but most protein sources are expensive. Most protein powders cost around 2 cent per gram which would cost me $3.00 a day or $21 a week to get my daily protein requirment. To me this is a lot money to be spending on protein. I did find a protein powder that was 12.00 for 800 gms(1.5 cent per gram) but cannot find that site anymore. Is their any protein powders or foods that would cost around 1 cent-1.5 cent per grams of protein. I will be looking forward to your help.

Re: Cheap Protein Sources

Posted by: Al

How about eggs? Buy the 5 dozen cartons... it's cheaper in bulk. Most 5 DZ cartons are about 4 bucks and some change... which means that you'll be spending less than a penny a gram on quality protein.

I mean whole eggs. Eggs do contain good amounts of cholesterol, but they also contain lecithin, which is a "friendly fat" that emulsifies cholesterol. If you're trying to put on weight, I wouldn't worry about eating the yolks. If you're worried about the fat content, eat some or no yolks. Some nutrition stores and wholesale food outlets (and some bakeries and hotels) may also carry powdered egg whites. It's VERY cheap, but you'll have to buy a large amount, since they don't sell them in small amounts.

Also, you can usually find those big bags of chicken at most grocery stores for 30 to 40 cents a lb. I still buy my chicken in bulk like that :)

Other than that milk is a really cheap protein source.

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