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Ken Hutchins Super Slow Training

Posted by: Sov

Anyone tried Super-Slow?

This is a way of lifting weights where the idea is weight load as a function of time. Some call it Time Under Load (TUL). The premise is this: you lift the weight slowly (less weight) so as to bring all the fibers into play. What happens is that slow twitch fibers are used first and as they tire the fast twitch fibers have to help out, thus fatiguing the muscle. Try this when you have a chance: lift maybe 75% of your norm but take around ten seconds for the lift/positive (contraction of muscle) and ten seconds for the return/negative (relaxation of muscle). Do maybe 3 sets of 5. Don't be surprised if 75% of normal weight is not too much. Hell, just try 10 squats (even better if chinese squats [feet wide, angled out, but knees still in line with feet] to stretch the groin) with no weight like this. I like to mix it in to keep the body guessing. Let me know how it feels.

Re: Ken Hutchins Super Slow Training

Posted by: Big T

This is definately a good technique. You can improve your bench press by using about 80% of max and holding it for 5 seconds just off your chest to improve the "sticking point". Anything that makes the workout harder and creates more load on the muscles from a given amount of weight is a good thing. Try this technique, but keep a variety in your workout as well. There is no point in rushing thru a rep, lower slowly, raise slowly. When you need power, think explosive, but that doesn't mean speed and enertia to overcome weak areas. Just watch any beginner in the gym doing arm curls. Like a nail thru a notty board, the path of least resistance is taken. This tendency is to be resisted with the knowledge that what works you harder makes you stronger.

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