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When To Up The Weight?

Posted by: SC

How do I know when I need to add more weight to an exercise. Someone told me when I can do 3 good slow reps of 12, its time to add more weight. This correct? Any input about other's weight-adding procedures is much appreciated.

Re: When To Up The Weight?

Posted by: Cool Guy

That depends on what your goals are. i read that the best way for growth (hypertrophy) is reps in the 8-12 range. If you want to lift more, I would find out the most you can do in one rep, your 1RM in different lifts. then try training at about 70%-80% of this. then 12 weeks later or however long your cycle is find out your 1RM's again, if its gone up (which it should have) work at 70-80% again, with the new, hopefully higher weight.

i hope this helps

Re: When To Up The Weight?

Posted by: Carl

I've done a lot of reading about it, which has got to count for something. At any rate, I do 7-9 reps, two sets of most exercises. When I can do the two sets of 9 reps, I move up the weight, do as many reps as I can, minimum 7. If I can't do 7, weight goes down a bit. The second set should be pretty much to failure, but stop at 9 if you get there.

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