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Twinlab Protein Shakes

Posted by: Vince

7 months into PE and into barbell, abslide, push up , crunch routines. I look better than I ever had. Lots of looks, I am almost embarrassed. I just started the twinlab protien shake right after workout. Am I on the right track.? Is there a better shake out there? I have the model physique now ( I know, sounds arrogant, but it is truly frightening when I see me in the mirror).I would just like to maintain, and perhaps more definition. Any advise?

Re: Twinlab Protein Shakes

Posted by: Cool Guy

You're on the right track - it's good to get a protein / carbohydrate shake as soon as possible after your workout. From my understanding, Twinlab is a good company (what they list on the label is what is actually in the bottle.) I'm not sure which Twinlab shake you're using but there may be something cheaper that's just as good. The main thing is to get 30 - 60 grams of good protein and some carbs to your muscles right after your workout.

I think that some of the other posts here had tips on getting more definition...

Congrats on your results!

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