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Eating Before Working Out

Posted by: Bruno

I heard somewhere that it's good if you're working out in the morning to just go and do it without eating beforehand...i'm usually pretty hungry when i get up in the morning but this seems like a good idea because then i wouldn't have to wait for digestion i could just go right away when i wake up. any thoughts.

Re: Eating Before Working Out

Posted by: Cool Guy

That's my favorite way to do it. I'll get up and drink some iced tea, pop a caffeine / ephedrine pill and pet my g/f's cat for about 10 minutes.

Sometimes if I workout later in the day I'll get nauseaus (sp?).

You supposedly burn more fat by working out in the morning. You also have all day to eat afterward, whereas by exercising after work you've only got a couple of hours at best.

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