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Underweight Bodybuilding

Posted by: Alvin (alju@pacific.net.sg)

Am I under weight too much ? as my weight is 50 kg for hight of 1.72m, I want to increase weight and build great muscle , what should I do?

Re: Underweight Bodybuilding

Posted by: Zoltán (abdulwaahid@hotmail.co.uk)

Practice the major lifts for a few weeks at 3x10 (3 sets 10 reps). After at least three/four weeks you can move to 5x5. But get someone experienced to check your form it is very, very important. Also Make sure you can get to a GOOD gym. You need to look for a squat rack or 3, several benches and lifting platforms. Olympic standard (weights and bars) if you can. The major lifts are :squat, deadlift, bench press, shoulder press, chin-up/barbell row. If you do nothing else, do these!! I cant stress that enough. Once your form is up to scratch you need to be liting HEAVY. What is heavy for you i mean. Don't worry about isolation exercises like curls or shrugs. These activate all the main groups inc biceps and traps. get plenty of rest and eat and eat and drink and drink . Eat big and eat clean.

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