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Posted by: Jeff Daye

I started my regimen of 3 weeks. I completed an abbreviated use of four (4) products supplied by Truly Huge Supplements. The Herbal Fat Burner, Ecdy-Bolin, Andro-Shock, and the Nitrobol. These products were pivot able in allowing me to meet my goals and desired weigh status. The Herbal Fat Burner allowed maximum curvature of my appetite which enabled me to increase my intake of protein and decrease body fat. The Andro-Shock gave me an increased feeling of testosterone and seemed to aid in endurance, stamina and overall growth. The Nitrobol was phenomenal in aiding in recover and allowing me to increase my workout intervals. The Ecdy-Bolin allowed me extraordinary muscle growth and power for heavy weight push well into my workout. This stack was used responsibly and provided me with some the best results that I have had in my 15 years of Power-lifting and Body Building. This stack permitted me to maximize my growth and strength potential. I would highly recommend this stack to novice as well as professional lifter of any age group.

I have chronicled my use of the products, diet and exercise courses. I would gladly share my use, progression, diet, and workout program. These products are great!!!

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