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Andro Shock Reviews

Posted by: Jason Rodna (jackm632000@yahoo.com 1/19/2004

Can anyone give me some feedback on this product? What kind of results have people gotten from andro-shock?? And are there any other steroid alternative products to take with it to get better results?? thanks.....


Re: Andro Shock Reviews

Posted by: alexander (alexanders501@hotmail.com)

i have currently been using andro shock and currently beeen stacking it with T-BOMB (MHP) and the results are unreal !


Re: Andro Shock Reviews

Posted by: Daniel Conner

I found that Andro- Shock does work and works well.

My first few days of using it I noticed an increase in my sex drive which in turn means my test levels were sky rocketing . After the 2nd week I noticed gains in strength and muscle stamina and endurance which is perfect for Strongman. With me getting stronger from using the Andro-Shock I put on some solid muscle as well . I am anxious to use both Andro-Shock and Nitrobol together for my next study and see what amazing results a 3 month study will bring complete with before and after pictures and bodyweights. I am convinced that after 3 months of using the 2 products together that if I wasn't able to put on at least 20 pounds of solid muscle I will stop lifting and competing all together and thats a promise. This stuff works that well.


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