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Ecdy Bolin Reviews
Does Ecdy Bolin Work?

Posted by: Chad (chad_mccue@hotmail.com)

I recently purchased a bottle of ECDY-BOLIN and would like to know how other people are taking it and what results they have received.


Re: Ecdy-Bolin Review

Posted by: James Botti, Lincoln DE

I am a pretty avid weight lifter who has always had trouble gaining weight and mass.

I was getting frustrated because I seemed to be working harder but my weight stayed a stingy 212 lbs. So I went out on a limb and purchased Ecdy-Bolin.

I really took notice of my size in the mirror one day. I was stunned to see more definition in my chest, arms and shoulders.

Curiosity get the best of me so I went to the scale and was astonished, I went from a 215 on an empty stomach to 223 on an empty stomach. WOW!

Not only did this product put weight and definition on me, I feel great. Friends of mine who I only see during football season (now) too notice to my size difference and said "It looks like you had a great off season!"

I see finally there is a product out there that will increase your size and mass while at the same time you see noticeable gains in strength.


Re: Does Ecdy Bolin Work?

Posted by: Louis

I was thinking about which Supplement has gave me the best gains and I would have to say it is the Ecdy-Bolin. Even though I contribute my strength gains to it , I am also trimming down dramatically.

I went from 10% body fat to 8%, with out trying to do so at all. In fact I am properly eating more.

Also my lifting capacity has rose in every exercise by 25 lbs. For example my bench went from 375 lb to 400 lb and still doing the 10 reps within 2 months, Now I find that amazing.

My muscle size increased by an average of 1/2 inches and that is no big deal, except it happened while I was losing weight and not trying. Besides taking the Ecdy-Bolin I did not change a dam thing!


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