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Bodybuilding For Tall Men

Posted by: Stephan (kagero@email.com)

Hi, I'm 37 years old. I'm 6'5", 205 lbs, 11% fat, in shape. I've been training for about 20 years and I was then 165 lbs. I train about 4 times a week, eat 7 times a day, intake about 225 gr of proteine a day and still, I can't gain more weight. I'd like to reach about 240 lbs of pure muscles. Can somebody help me growing muscles?

Re: Bodybuilding For Tall Men

Posted by: Nick (nick@jetseal.co.za)

I am 38 years old, have 2 kids and am a director of a growing company in cape town. At my age you begin to feel the affects of training for mass. Try incorporating DEADLIFTS and SQUATS in your routine. That is where you will gain most of your mass and incedible strength. Take omega 3 and focus on your own eye contact in the mirror. Remember, correct posture and do not compare yourself with the guy next to you in the gym.

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