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Why Am I Getting Stronger But Not Bigger?

Posted by: Dave (dmacd22@hotmail.com)

I have been doing weight lifting for a year now and i am getting allot stronger, but my arms aren t getting bigger. I have got definition in my arms allot more than i did when i first started but the size isn t getting bigger and that s what i want. I ve tried changing my work outs around and starting new things but nothing seems to work? i am only 17 will this have anything to do with it? What could i do ?

Re: Why Am I Getting Stronger But Not Bigger?

Posted by: Bob (zentopia@comcast.net)

Well, if you training using 8 reps or less per set, then you will mostly gain strength without much size- Try doing 4 sets starting out the first set with 1/2 your one rep max poundage, and then add 10% of your 1 rep max to each successive set. Do as many continuous reps as you can, and forget about any specific number.

So basically, if you can max 200 lbs, start with 100 lbs and try for 40 reps, then rest 1 minute and add 20 lbs and do another set of maybe 20-25 reps, rest 1 minute and add another 20 lbs and do a third set of 12-15 reps, add 20 lbs and rest a minute and do a 4th set of 6-8 reps or more. All sets should be to momentary failure, which means the moment you cannot keep the weight moving to finish a rep after an honest attempt at trying, your set is done and you now should rest no more than a minute and a half. Also, perform the reps in a continuous non-stop, smooth, piston like motion, do not rest at the bottom or the top of the lift. If the weight stops moving your set is done and you should rest for the next set. Don't do forced reps, rest pause reps, or engage in any type of cheating or using momentum to lift the weights. Also, rest 3-5 minutes between muscle groups.

After training eat a decent meal and drink a lot of water, and, if possible, take a 90 minute nap.

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