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Can't Do Wide Grip Pull Ups

Posted by: Lifter

I've heard about the benefits of widegrip pullups to development of the back. At the current time, I'm unable to do these but wondered if anyone had any suggestions to help strengthen the back muscles so I could begin to do these correctly. Your replies are appreciated in advance.

Re: Can't Do Wide Grip Pull Ups

Posted by: Chad

These are great for back development but hard to do :-) . I am lucky that my gym has a weight assisted pullup/chinup/dip machine where you can counterweight yourself up to 150 pounds. This means instead of trying to do pullups with my full bodyweight I can use the counterweight to effectively reduce the bodyweight I have to lift up by up to 150 pounds.

The other way to train for pullups is to do negatives. Get a chair or stool by the pullup bar and step up into the top pullup position, then slowly lower yourself down. Do several reps of these and you will definitely feel it. And pretty soon you will be doing full bodyweight pullups as well as having a killer back.

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