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How Much Protein After Working Out?

Posted by: Warrior

I'm not sure how many grams i need to eat after a workout, I try to eat about 60 grams.

Re: How Much Protein After Working Out?

Posted by: Hammer

Some people argue that a new weightlifter (any newbie to eating high volumes of protien) can only digest 30g's a sitting. Some will argue that 50g's is the mad for a newbie. Honestly, thats getting into some really intrecit scientific b.s., that i dont think is that important. Eating alot of protien is good. 60g's after a workout.. thats about what i do. Its working so far. sounds good.

Re: How Much Protein After Working Out?

Posted by: Beast

Holy cow, I had no idea u guys consumed that much protein after a workout! I'm definetly gonna start doing that. I was always under the impression that you can only intake about 40 grams max at one sitting! How many grams of protein do you guys eat a day? And what percentage of your calories come from protein? I usually have 30-40grams of protein a meal throughout the day, and 40 right after the workout. By adding 20 grams of protien or so to the post workout meal will help alot in getting all that protein in. I find I can never fit in 6 meals a day, and I don't reach my 250 grams of protein a day, this will help alot!

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