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Best Time To Take Amino Acids

Posted by: Hristo

Hello, everybody! I just want to ask what is the best time for taking Amino Acids? Is it before workout, after or both and how much time prior and post the workout? Is better to take them before meals or during and with what kind of foods? Is it good to take Amino Acids right before bedtime?

Looking forward to hearing of you soon! Thank you in advance!

Re: Best Time To Take Amino Acids

Posted by: M.S.

It really depends on what aminos you are taking. For example... Glutamine is great after a workout because of its anti-catabolic effects. Arginine Pyroglutamate and Lysine (GH Releasers) work well before a workout or before bedtime (on an empty stomach).

Re: Best Time To Take Amino Acids

Posted by: Sam

The best of my knowledge, since I am a learner so please validate it, as they help in Anabolism, the best time would be before you sleep.

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