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Help Me Jump Higher

Posted by: Satio (satiosatesh@yahoo.co.in)

Hi.. Iam 22 yrs old and iam 182 cms(5.11-6) I don know ezactly... and i play basketball and i want to dunk but i don know how to increase my jump to be higher so please help me....

Re: Help Me Jump Higher

Posted by: King (kneeboard12345@yahoo.com)

What I have heard from my friends who all play basketball is that one very easy way to increase your jump height is to stand on your tip-toes for at least ten minutes a day. It may take a week or two to show results.

Re: Help Me Jump Higher

Posted by: Fraser (fwjunk@hotmail.com)

Wear ankle weights... off the court, on the court when playing the yard with buddies... keep em on for awhile, you'll be able to jump higher in no time!

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