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Wrestling Workout Routine

Posted by: Lou (pabc2005@gmail.com)

My 15 year old son is looking for a routine to gain strength and muscle while losing fat. He presently is weighing 145 and is about 5' 5" tall. Benches 235 and strong as all get out. But his coach wants him to cut some fat so he is very lean. He wants to continue to have gains in strengh and muscle without gaining any additional weight. Any sugestions?

Re: Wrestling Workout Routines

Posted by: John Bena (johnbena@email.com)

Hi. I have been a wrestler from age 5 to age 22. Now at age 36, I have only really begun to explore and understand body muscular developement. In the sport of wrestling, balance and core strength are 2 of the most inportant things for winning. John Smith is a 4 time D 1 national champ and olympic gold medalist, but he is skinny as a rail. Big arms are impressive, but may not be the key to winning. I suggest Core strength exercises: front and side static planks, unverted situps, reverse arches for lower back. Also, for balance, do dumbell exercises like pec flies, curls, and military while seated on a balance ball. have your son increase his protien intake and decrease his carb intake. reducing carbs and increasing cardio should shed some fat while higher protien should continue to feed the muscles. Good luck.

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