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I Want Six Pack And Pecs

Posted by: Richard Longmuir (rlongm10@caledonian.ac.uk)

Hey I am 6ft and 70kg and have been trying to get a six pack and pecks for a while now. I have a good diet but I am vegetarian. I eat 3 portions of fruit for breakfast, rice with vegetables for lunch and pasta with vegetables for dinner and drink plenty of fruit juice, water and milk. I also play a lot of golf, football, tennis and cycle. My workout is 200 sit ups, 50 crunches, 50 press ups, 200 bench presses and 200 dumbbell lifts a day. This sometimes varies if I get a chance to go to my uni gym. I have also tried whey and creatine after doing big workouts but nothing seems to be working. Any advice?

Re: How To Get A Six Pack and Pecks

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